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"Joanna has been such a great support for me and my family throughout my pregnancy and during the big day. So kind, genuine, thoughtful, professional. She went above and beyond.
Births are unpredictable and paired with unexpected life events, she was there for me and my family, willing to go beyond what her job was. We are grateful that Joanna was part of our journey." ~ Ana and Fred

"From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to work closely with Joanna to ensure that I had the most positive experience for my second pregnancy, labor & birth. And I had just that! Living across the country from her meant that our communication was pertinent to developing our relationship and comfort. Her encouragement, empathy and diligence to checking in with me was and continues to be so meaningful!" ~ Gabriele

Client Testimonials

"Joanna is an exceptional Doula and person! Without her, my birth would have been nowhere near such a wonderful experience. She is knowledgeable, kind, encouraging, and empowering. She is always available to answer questions and give encouragement and her responses to anything I asked were thorough and also really compassionate and kind! Any problem I had, in pregnancy and childbirth and post partum, she helped me through in the nicest way. All the techniques she used during my birth were also incredibly helpful and she was very supportive of my partner and made sure he was involved in the process. Both of us were able to rely on her skills, techniques, and expertise. She was incredible motivating and empowering during labor. I truly don't know what I would have done without her! She's a lovely person and anyone needing a doula would be lucky to have her." ~ Irini

Joanna was just a phenomenal Doula! To say we would recommend her to others would be an understatement. From empathy and compassion to her attention to detail to punctuality and making sure she stayed true to her word, there was honestly not a single thing we would change about her service after working with us through our birth. Her previous therapeutic training allows her to be trauma informed while at the same time setting healthy boundaries, a feat not easily obtained by the most trained individuals but with Joanna it seemed 2nd nature. She also took the time in postpartum to check up on us, make sure we didn’t have any questions or concerns, but never approached it from a place of obligation, rather as a concerned friend, which absolutely meant the world to us. Overall, an amazing experience! 11 out of 10! ~ Jason and Abigail


"Joanna made sure I had the best birth experience. She helped me so much throughout my pregnancy, checking on me and baby. I wish I had hired her for my first pregnancy. When I started having contractions Joanna arrived at my house within a couple minutes and boy what a relief that was. She helped ease my pain while having contractions and was there every step of the way when going to the hospital and at the hospital, because of her my birth plan went just as I imagined without an epidural. I can't express how much she has helped me at home and at the hospital. She is such a great and caring person. I highly recommend her to all my mama's and mamas to be. Forever grateful. Thank you!" ~ Ewelina 

"There are simply no words that will ever begin to fully express the gratitude,love, and respect for our doula Joanna. I honestly didn't know much about a doulas before starting my pregnant journey. I knew I wanted a natural unmedicated birth, but was lacking knowledge. Joanna put us at ease in what otherwise was a frightening path ahead. She was there every step of the way during this journey to answer my questions and provide feedback. She helped me feel empowered to communicate my preferences to my care providers, and most important She have heat advice to my partner about ways he could best support, especially during labor. She was also very supportive in my postpartum journey. Thank you for your support and I highly recommend her services for your future pregnancies!" ~Paulina 

"My experience with Joanna was amazing from beginning to end. From the start she was very flexible with my schedule to set up a time for a consultation. I knew from that first meeting that she was a perfect fit for me and my family. She is very personable and actively listens to your wants and needs. She was always available and quick to respond to all my questions through pregnancy. She would send me info for anything I asked for, and often suggested ways to help with my pain. I couldn't not imagine my labor with out her. This was my first pregnancy and my labor was very quick. As soon as she arrived at my home she was able to tell I needed to get to the birth center I was going to give birth at. She stay calm the whole time and took charge making sure me and my family got there in time, as well as calling the birth center to prepare them for my arrival and condition. I chose to have a water birth. The tub was much warmer than I thought it would be, thankfully Joanna had this amazing cool towel thing that she kept on my back to help me not over heat. She was calming and reassuring the whole time, not only to me, but also my husband and mother. She stayed with us after the birth of my son to make sure we were all okay and comfortable. I can not thank her enough for the incredible experience I had with her and my first labor." ~ Ari and Joe

"Jo is amazing! She has great energy and it felt like I’d known her for a long time. My birth plan didn’t go as planned and had to get a crash C-Section and she still stayed behind to make sure all was well after the procedure. She also continued to check in and support even after she had concluded her services. I would definitely recommend her :)" ~Sylvia and Kevin

I am so happy that we decided to hire Joanna as our doula for the recent birth of our son. Joanna was excellent in providing support leading up to the birth, during my labor, and in the weeks after our son was born. Whenever I had questions, Joanna was super responsive and provided thoughtful and helpful information. During my labor, she set up twinkle lights and electric candles around the delivery room and made sure that everything was as comfortable for me as possible. Those small details made a world of difference as it made the sterile hospital delivery room cozy and calming. She was awesome with suggesting different birthing positions and countermeasures and she was very encouraging throughout my labor (20+hours!). She also made sure that my husband and I rested, ate snacks, and stayed hydrated throughout. She even took wonderful photos during the birth that I will treasure forever! Having Joanna there during the birth of our son provided me with a great sense of comfort, knowing that she was there to support my wishes and advocate for me. When recommendations were made by hospital staff, Joanna talked through the options with us and made sure that we were knowledgeable about, and comfortable with, our decisions. When I decided to change course from my initial birth vision, Joanna was supportive and again talked through the options with us. The result was a healthy birth for our son and a very happy mama! After the birth, Joanna checked in on us regularly and provided additional support and helpful resources for postpartum recovery. I should also mention that her homemade tea is AMAZING!! We will absolutely recommend Joanna for anyone needing a doula! ~ Elizabeth and John

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